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Passages 2022

Photos by Alex Gramma  @Lightreat

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Murray St Studio 2021

Last day at the Murray Street Studio, a home for Duncan learning for over 20 years.


Photo shoot in Central Park 2021

Dancing images - DwD dancers

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Rockaway Beach, NY 2021

Performance at Rockaway Beach, July 2021 with Dances by Isadora.

photo_ Margherita Tisato

Carol Prud'Homme Davis Art Work

Artistic sketches by Carol Prud'Homme Davis

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Musee Rodin 2019

Dancing images - Students in Paris

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Photo shoot with Alex Gramma

Photo shoot for June Performance- Dancer Margherita Tisato- photo by Alex @Lightreat


Becca Hong Images 2021

Creative pictures taken by photographer Rebecca Hong against the beautiful background of Central Park in May 2021.


Choeur Dansé 2021

Dancers perform "Choeur Dansé", a dance by Ted Shawn from 1926.


Central Park 2020

Dancing images - DwD dancers


Francesca Todesco

Dancing images

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Awakening Rhythms 2018

Images from the 2018 performance "Awakening Rhythms".

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