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2024 Athens Dance workshop


for adults, children and young adults

April 1-13, 2024

Isadora and Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center,

34 Chrysafis Street, 162 32 Vironas, Athens

With Francesca Todesco (USA), Joe Williams (USA)

and members of Dances We Dance/Performing Ensemble








Enter the art and technique of ISADORA DUNCAN, the original thinker and cultural/artistic phenomenon, who fanned the flames of modernism 100 years ago. Duncan's was the first "release" technique originating from the breath center and impelled by the spirit. Come share in a living history of modern dance and gain a physical and intellectual perspective on the origins of contemporary theater and dance.


We are excited to share that this workshop will be the first in known history to rejoin Duncan's mature dance work with the movement and analysis technique she taught as a young girl, which helped her unlock her powers of expression, and that she always kept with her in a book as she toured, the work of the great French teacher, FRANCOIS DELSARTE.


Based on natural movement, both techniques emphasize the free flow of energy throughout the body and open the pathways from motion to emotion and back again, from emotion to motion. How much more grace, power, and expression are waiting inside you? 


The simple yet ecstatic nature of Isadora's art will be explored through specific exercises and studies which have been passed down from one generation of Duncan dancers to the next. This authentic material is examined and informed by a contemporary perspective reflecting the dance/movement backgrounds of the instructor. Selected excerpts from the repertoire will be shared at the culmination of each session to further illuminate Duncan's use of music, movement, and imagery.


All open adult classes listed below are open for the general public, all levels are welcome. If you are not a dancer, but you are curious about finding out the Delsarte's system of expression, or passionate about Isadora Duncan and eager to explore her movement, this course is for you. If you are a dancer and want to dig deeper into the repertory and refine your movement expression, please join us! We highly recommend that both Delsarte and Duncan classes are attended. It's possible to attend one week only or single classes. Please wear comfortable clothing (if you have a tunic, bring it!). We will dance with bare feet.

Register in advance to secure your spot.

Evening schedule for Children and Young Adults classes TBD.



Students who sign up for the Full Workshop that includes the afternoon repertory rehearsals will be asked to participate at the DwD Sharing on Saturday April 13 at 19h30. The showing will feature selected dances from the Isadora Duncan Repertory as well as more contemporary works inspired by her work. One of the focuses of the workshop and showing will be CREATING CONNECTIONS: how can a movement relate to ourselves or others, our surroundings, thoughts, emotions, stories, memories, everything inside and out.

Dances We Dance, Inc is a member of International Dance Council CID and offers an International Certification of Dance Studies for all students.



WEEK 1: Monday-Friday April 1-5:

11h to 12h – adult open Delsarte class

12h30 to 14h – adult open Duncan class

14h to 15 or 15h30 – repertory rehearsal* (Mon-Thur)

15h to 17h - company rehearsal

after 17h - young adults and children classes times (Duncan Center students only)

WEEK 2: Monday-Friday April 8-12:

11h to 12h – adult open Delsarte class

12h30 to 14h – adult open Duncan class

14h to 15 or 15h30– repertory rehearsal* (Mon-Thur)

15h to 17h - company rehearsal

         after 17h - young adults and children classes times (Duncan Center students only)


11h to 14h – 2 open Duncan/Delsarte class/all ages

14h to 16h rehearsal*

16h to 17h - company rehearsal

18:30h all to warm up together

         19h30 DwD Company & Students Showing with an audience of friends, family and public (free event)

*These rehearsals are for students registered for the Full Workshop and will be performing on Saturday April 13



Full Workshop (includes all classes + repertory rehearsals participation or watch)

  • Full 2-week workshop/package discount               $660 (best value!)

  • First week only (5 days)                                                   $350

  • Second week only (6 days)                                             $420


Classes only 11am-2:00pm (Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:00pm + 4/13)

  • Full 2-week classes/package discount                     $500

  • 1st week only (5 days)                                                      $250                               

  • 2nd week only (6 days)                                                    $300


Single Call Rate $25 (Classes 11am-12pm/12:30pm-2:00pm)

  • $25 USD/ 25€ EUR | $15 USD/ 15€ EUR for Greece residents


Greece residents: please contact Evgenia Sideri for discount rates and fees in Euros

Fees include:

  • Daily François Delsarte classes with Joe Williams

  • Daily Isadora Duncan Dance classes with Francesca Todesco and members of DWD/Performing Ensemble

  • Afternoon rehearsals of selected Duncan repertory (if full workshop is selected)

  • Studio Showing on Saturday April 13, 2024 at the Duncan Center


Fees does NOT include:

  • Round-trip airfare and Accommodations in Athens (there are many choices of Airbnb’s available at a decent price)

  • Meals

  • Tickets to visiting sites

  • All transportation

  • Insurance

  • Visa (if applicable)


Methods of payments accepted

  • Paypal  (see pay here option below or request a link)


  • Venmo* @danceswdance (for U.S. residents only)


  • Check made payable to Dances We Dance, Inc

            Please send an email to for address


  • Cash (Euros or Dollars accepted)


  • is also a secure option for international money transfer. For info about, other methods of payment or payment plan, email



*If paying with  Venmo, please add $5 processing fee ($1 for single class payments)

Full or partial payments prior to April 1 will guarantee a place in the workshop.


Partial or full payment guarantees you a place in the workshop. Participant who cancels prior to March 15, 2024, will receive full refund of their payment, after that, full refund less 20% cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted for cancellations after April 1, 2024. Dances We Dance reserves the right to cancel any portion of the program, in which case students will be refunded in full.




For further info please contact Francesca Todesco:

Greece residents: please contact Evgenia Sideri:

1915 Isadora Duncan dancer, portrait pho
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Dances We Dance/Performing Ensemble (DWD) was formed in 2020 by Francesca Todesco, with a company of dancers whose purpose is creating new works as well as revive and perform repertory pieces. Our mission includes promoting and preserving the work of Isadora Duncan, creating a new generation of dancers in order to further her artistic and educational principles of movement and dance.

Artistic Director Francesca Todesco's dance background is deeply ingrained in American Modern Dance, from Isadora Duncan to Anna Sokolow, Humphrey/Limón and others. For this reason a substantial effort is dedicated to supporting, reconstructing and presenting these important works.

Since its debut, DWD has presented two New York seasons, performed in several events and has taught Duncan workshops in the U.S. and abroad.


We are thrilled to join efforts with Joe Williams to explore the deep connections with Delsarte studies in Duncan movement and offer a live sharing, particularly in this magical place, the Duncan's Temple of the Arts.


Francesca Todesco (U.S.A.) lives and trained in New York with a strong focus on the Sokolow, Humphrey-Limón and Duncan techniques, bringing her large experience to dance performance and education. Francesca joined Catherine Gallant/DANCE & Dances by Isadora in 2000 performing extensively and teaching works of Isadora Duncan. Since moving to NY in 1998, she has performed with several choreographers and companies, including Deborah Carr Theatre Dance Ensemble and Rae Ballard’s Thoughts in Motion. For several years, she organized a series of workshops (Historical Modern Dance), inviting master teachers to share their knowledge, including Betty Jones & Fritz Ludin, Jim May, Gail Corbin, and  others. Francesca was a principal dancer with the Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble from 2003-2019, and currently helps with archives and assists in the reconstruction of Ms. Sokolow’s repertory. She proudly ran her own children’s program for over 10 years, creating many children dances. She currently teaches Isadora Duncan exploration classes to adults in New York (in-person and online) and abroad and collaborates with Barbara Kane/IDDG in London and Aurélie Berland in Paris. In 2020 she started her own company, Dances We Dance. - contact:


Joe Williams (U.S.A.) Researching Delsarte’s studies of human behavior and expression since 1995, and teaching since 1997, Joe Williams is currently the world’s leading practitioner of the Delsarte system. He has taught Delsarte’s work at conservatories and conferences around the world, including the Juilliard School, Cincinnati Conservatory, National Center of Dance in Paris. His students are in leadership positions in the Paul Taylor Company, Parsons Dance, Hit the Lights! Theater, Renaissance Theater of Ohio, and our own Dances We Dance. Joe is particularly respected for bringing Delsarte’s teaching into the modern world, and demonstrating its applicability to not only theatrical expression but to family, social, and professional life for anyone. We believe you will be deeply enriched by exploring how this body of information can give you new insights into the work of great masters who used it, like Duncan, and inspire your own powerful creativity at the same time.

Teachers will include members of Dances We Dance/Performing Ensemble. Click here for bios.


Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)

Isadora Duncan, born in San Francisco in 1877, was a pioneer in her presentation and approach to movement in the art of dance. She liberated dance from the confines of the ballet of her time, shedding ballet slippers and corset to combine the use of simple, natural movement. She sought a movement vocabulary that would illuminate the human spirit and its connection to nature. She was the first to choreograph to music not originally written for dance, including the works of such composers as Chopin, Brahms, Schubert and Scriabin. Duncan's career was marker by controversy as American audiences took exception to her bare limbs and bold approach to music and movement. She took her determination and boundless spirit to Europe, and later to Russia where she met and inspired  some of the great artists and poets of her time.

As no films or notation of Isadora's dances were made until long after her death in 1927, her choreography has been preserved through the teaching on one generation of Duncan dancers to the next. After realizing her dream of establishing a school of dance, Isadora legally adopted six of ther most gifted students (Anna, Irma, Lisa, Margot, Erica, Marie-Theresa) who were fondly called the "Isadorables". These six women became the teachers of a third generation of Duncan dancers, among them Julia Levien, Hortense Kooluris, Gemze DeLappe, and Sylvia Gold. In turn these women have taught a new generation of Duncan dancers, and the cycle continues to this day.

François Delsarte (1811-1871)

François Delsarte was a student at the Paris Conservatory, who, unsatisfied with the entirely subjective and posed style of acting taught at the Conservatory, (his singing voice, he believed, had been ruined in previous years by the music department), began an intensive study of how humans actually moved, behaved and responded to a multitude of circumstances. His “Science of Applied Aesthetics” was a thorough examination of voice, breath, movement dynamics, line and form, and virtually all the elements of the body in their roles as expressive agents of the human impulses, mind, spirit, and vital instinct. His lectures were attended by the most famous people of his era. It seemed a window into the deeper mysteries of art had been opened. Contemporary thought might recognize that he had uncovered the world of archetypes, and universal symbolism, but modern psychological theory was not to arrive for many more years.

What is the real Delsarte System of Expression?

  1. A complete and universally accurate map of the symbolic meanings of most parts of the body and of basic  human movement patterns. It is based on fundamental laws of physics and on the ancient wisdom of yoga, cabala and hermetic traditions.

  2. A system of  body training to awaken the innate athletic prowess and expressive power of the human body. The system consists of:

  3. Relaxing exercises to eliminate tension and ready the reflexes.

  4. Exercises in balance to harmonize all parts of the body, and base all strength and power in the security of poised and balanced motion.

  5. Exploration of universal meaning in the body according to the body's basic nature to express itself as Body, Mind and Spirit.

Delsarte is the source material for much of the work of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St Denis, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, Etienne Decroux, among others. Delsarte lacked our modern vocabulary, and used different words, (Vital, Mental and Moral), but his intent was clear. 
He observed that if Body, Mind and Spirit: are our three basic impulses, it follows that:

  • All human movement has to be inspired by one or a combination of these three. 

  • Every part of the body that willfully moves or gestures must contain all three and be able to show all three


If that makes sense to you, you have found a starting point for understanding Delsarte's philosophy of human expression. A training in Delsarte awakens the student to the basic expressive meaning of every part of the body. 

  1. Any student becomes empowered to better understand the forces of life, and their own self expression and that of those around them.

  2. If you are a dancer, you will have a powerful tool for understanding choreography and styles, and for creating dance yourself. 

  3. If you are an actor you will awaken the unconscious power of your body for expressing  your creativity and responding to other actors. 

  4. The singer empowers gesture to reveal depth and subtext. 

  5. The yogi finds the intensely practical and tangible side of the normally esoteric "body, mind, spirit" trinity.

  6. The painter or sculptor finds universal tools for recreating emotion and expression in their medium.

Source: The Delsarte Project













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