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Momento 2022

Photos by Alex Gramma @lightreat


Photo shoot with Alex Gramma

Photo shoot for June Performance- Dancer Margherita Tisato- photo by Alex @Lightreat


Photo shoot in Central Park 2021

Dancing images - DwD dancers

2021-05-27 14.41.42.jpg

Central Park 2020

Dancing images - DwD dancers


Musee Rodin 2019

Dancing images - Students in Paris

2019-05-31 16.16.50-2.jpg

Passages 2022

Photos by Steven Pisano @Steven_Pisano

Passages poster.jpg

Studio photos 2021

Last day at the Murray Street Studio, a home for Duncan learning for over 20 years.


Choeur Dansé 2021

Dancers perform "Choeur Dansé", a dance by Ted Shawn from 1926.


Carol Prud'Homme Davis Art Work

Artistic sketches by Carol Prud'Homme Davis

Francesca Todesco 33.jpg

Awakening Rhythms 2018

Images from the 2018 performance "Awakening Rhythms".

2018-11-03 17.07.10.jpg

Passages 2022

Photos by Alex Gramma  @Lightreat

Passages poster3.jpg

Becca Hong Images 2021

Creative pictures taken by photographer Rebecca Hong against the beautiful background of Central Park in May 2021.


Rockaway Beach, NY 2021

Performance at Rockaway Beach, July 2021 with Dances by Isadora.

photo_ Margherita Tisato

Francesca Todesco

Dancing images

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