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Dances We Dance is a not-for-profit organization which mission includes teaching, researching, reconstructing, preserving and performing new and past works of choreography.

As the new director, Ms. Todesco is bringing to the company her knowledge of early American Modern Dance, particularly Isadora Duncan but also Anna Sokolow, Humphrey-Limón as well as other techniques & styles.

Notably Dances We Dance explores the legacy of dance pioneer Isadora Duncan and shares the technique and repertoire through teaching and performances.


As a large focus of this group is dedicated to performing, the audience can envision the connection between  works of current and past choreographers. The company  actively explores new movements, both for original creations but also in re-imagining lost works of choreography, recreating them with a new vision while respecting their historic value. We welcome  guest choreographers to create new or repertory works on the company. 

Education is at the core of our mission, providing weekly classes in the Duncan style in New York City as well as occasional intensive workshops. Furthermore DWD  hosts seasonal workshops with master teachers. Check out our education page for current scheduling.